11 – 14 Sep 2024  | 
JI Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia
METEC Indonesia 2024 METEC Indonesia 2024
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METEC brings together a wide range of exhibitors from the metallurgy and metalcasting industry. This allows visitors to explore the latest technologies, equipment, and solutions related to metallurgy, metal casting, heat treatment, and other related fields. Here are several in-depth reasons why you should consider visiting METEC Indonesia 2024:

Networking Opportunities:

METEC Indonesia provides a platform for professionals from different sectors of the metallurgy industry to connect and network. It offers opportunities to meet potential business partners, suppliers, and customers. Building relationships with key industry players can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and business expansion.

International Exposure:

METEC Indonesia exhibitions attract exhibitors and visitors from around the world, providing a global perspective on the industry. This allows attendees to learn about international market trends, explore new markets, and make connections with professionals from different countries.

Experience Latest Innovations:

METEC Indonesia showcases the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies in the metallurgy and metalcasting industry. By attending the exhibition, visitors can gain firsthand experience of these innovations and understand how they can be applied to their own business processes.

METEC Indonesia 2024 offers free admission for business and trade visitors, making it easily accessible for professionals in the metallurgy industry. This allows you to explore the exhibition and engage with exhibitors without any financial barrier.

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